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Hello, I’m Sonal, a travel addict, a mama, and a Yoga teacher from India. As an Asian living in Germany, I present to you my unique perspective on traveling in Europe.

I started my travel blog in 2015 as a hobby, but it has evolved over the years because my travel style has changed. I started my travel journey with South East Asia but now it is mostly within Europe.

Based on how often I travel, I enjoy writing ridiculously helpful guides & itineraries about Europe’s most iconic cities – Rome, Amsterdam, Prague, Istanbul, Hamburg, Porto, Lisbon, Brussels, etc, with a focus on fun, adventure, viewpoints, epic food, and unique things to do.

So What’s my Travel Style?

I like to be comfortable when I travel, find places with good views (rooms, cafes, bars – you name it), never miss a good sunset spot, enjoy local food to the fullest, and include a bit of adventure in my travels. Does your travel style match mine? Stay on!

I usually travel solo a few times a year using public transportation. But, I also often travel with family on a camper van, so expect to read interesting itineraries, tips, and road trip routes with information about natural wonders. 

Yes, I enjoy city breaks but also camping in nature near clear water lakes, waterfalls, beaches, and National Parks. I also enjoy trips with friends – they are so different than family travel or solo travel. 

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    Destination Highlight – Portugal

    Summer is here and it is time to plan that dream trip to Portugal that you have been eyeing. Be it the beaches of the Algarve, Volcanic peaks of Madeira Island & the Azores, or historic cities like Porto or Lisbon – Portugal is always a fun destination. Moreover, Portugal has an amazing culinary scene and is affordable.

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